Member Event – Tai Chi for Parkinson’s @ Clear's Silat, Street Kung Fu, & Tai Chi
May 24 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Member Event - Tai Chi for Parkinson's @ Clear's Silat, Street Kung Fu, & Tai Chi | Maryville | Tennessee | United States
6:00 pm
This is the program we teach nationally. Most Parkinson’s Patients see positive results in the first session of Clear’s Tai Chi for Parkinson’s. FREE to Parkinson’s Patients + 1 Caregiver. LIMIT 20 PEOPLE – MUST SIGN-UP IN ADVANCE.
CHEO Sponsored Event - What's the scoop on Ozone Therapies  & Micro-Current Biofeedback? @ Rarity Bay Community Center | Vonore | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
Presenter: Dr. Charles C. Adams, MD, Integrative Internal Medicine Specialist Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce pain and have a peaceful brain? Dr. Adams will be speaking about two “new” therapies that offer patients therapeutic and non-drug options.  Ozone Therapy is an old therapy that is being re-discovered and being used world wide.  To quote Dr. Wolff, “If Ozone were patentable, it would be the most widely used therapeutic in Medicine and Dentistry.  Its primary uses are for pain relief, an anti-infective, and anti-aging. PS: it has saved some knees from knee replacement! The other therapy to be discussed isRead more
Member Event - Creation’s Way: Learning to Live in Harmonious Balance with Susan Robertson and Rahkwees Keh @ Well Being Conference Center | Tazewell | Tennessee | United States
12:00 pm
The spirit of the Good Creator flows through all life: Learning to live in harmonious balance means that we live from our heart and our inner spirit rather than living disconnected from our heads. It starts by discovering who the Creator made us to be. When someone is being self-critical in a negative way, it is a weakening and a degrading of the Spirit of themselves. This is self-destruction whether they feel it or not. When people are in this type of place, they create from this place. When we clear ourselves we change the type of place we areRead more
CHEO Sponsored Event – Special Showing of The Truth About Cancer’s Global Quest Series @ Tellico Village Yacht Club, 5th floor | Loudon | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
Wednesday, May 31 – 6:30- at TV Yacht Club – 5th Floor (elevator available) CHEO presents: Special Showing of The Truth About Cancer’s Global Quest Series Episode 8: Comfort Options, Nature’s Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Using Micronutrient Protocols The Truth About Cancer has travelled across the globe to over 20 different countries to interview top scientists, researchers, doctors and cancer patients that have discovered successful options for cancer survival. The Truth About Cancer’s mission is to empower us with knowledge and give us cutting edge lifesaving information so that we can make educated decisions when choosing options for health andRead more

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