CHEO Sponsored Event - Relieve Pain and Improve Range of Motion with Mysfascial Release Techniques @ Rarity Bay | Vonore | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
Presenter: Beth Santella, RN (Ret) & LMT & Reflexologist Beth Santella will present a demonstration and discussion of several types of Myofascial Release Techniques including: What is the Fascia? How do adhesions, trigger points and restrictions form? How a therapist applies myofascial release techniques. How you can use Myofascial Release techniques on yourself After the program, join us for a celebration of a great CHEO year, holiday festivities, camaraderie and refreshments. Door prize: Complimentary One Hour Myofascial Release Massage (value $70) donated by Beth
Meet the Practitioners! @ Lovely Alma Diem Business Community
Jan 8 @ 6:30 pm
Meet the Practitioners! @ Lovely Alma Diem Business Community  | Knoxville | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
at the Lovely Alma Diem Business Community Note the Location Change! (same 6:30 PM time) 222 S Peters Rd, Knoxville (Alma Diem is the blue building with landscape mural on the left side of Peters Road about 300’ south of Kingston Pike) CHEO is going on its first field trip!  Come share the evening with CHEO member practitioners/businesses at beautiful Alma Diem. Meet our CHEO Practitioner/Business members Learn about their Well-Being Modalities Get an in-depth tour of Well-Being practices that interest you An educational field trip takes us away from our usual surroundings and allows us to experience the environmentRead more
Jan 24 @ 6:30 pm
Meet the Practitioners: Experience the Fun @ Community Center | Vonore | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
Presenters: Various CHEO Practitioners Here’s your chance to get acquainted with some of our CHEO Practitioner Members. Some Benefits to You will include: Brief overviews of what each practitioner shares Opportunities to visit, observe and experience a variety of well-being offerings Practitioners offering mini sessions demonstrating their modalities A chance to sample some wonderful products Informational Handouts A Wide Variety of Free samples and Phenomenal Door Prizes donated by our practitioners. You will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. And you may just find something perfect to add to your wellness plan for the new year. An event not to beRead more
Nov 20 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Member Event - The Third Half of Life @ Meaningful Life Center | Knoxville | Tennessee | United States
6:00 pm
A Workshop for Men and Women as they Approach and Pass that Amazing Milestone of 60 Years Somewhere along the way, as our lives approach 60, then move on to 65, to 70, and beyond — the questions change, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. But there are still questions. Profound questions. And decisions. And opportunities. Join us for an exploration of the questions and possibilities that arise during this important time of life: a time of seeking — and a time of finding. Workshop Leader: Jerry Askew Jerry earned his Ph.D at The Ohio State University and is an ordained DeaconRead more
Dec 2 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Member Event - Inner Body Yoga Immersion with Maria Bacher @ The Windhorse Center | Tellico Plains | Tennessee | United States
1:00 pm
We have another opportunity to have Maria Bacher show us Inner Body Yoga Immersion. We have already started sign-ups for her workshop. It is tentatively scheduled for the first week in December. We do have to have enough people signed up before we can set an actual date as she is traveling quite a distance. Please join Maria Bacher for a weekend of deepening our asana practice through the lens of the Inner body. Maria draws on her Iyengar lineage and 25 years of practice to give a solid foundation from which to bring our awareness to the inner body.Read more
Dec 16 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Member Event - Wheel of the Year Yule/Winter Solstice Celebration @ The Windhorse Center | Tellico Plains | Tennessee | United States
1:00 pm
All Welcome On this date the sun is approaching its farthest point from us in the Northern Hemisphere, and the darkness is accentuated by a dark moon. This is the time to release all of the things that we no longer need or want in our lives both personally and transpersonally in order to clear space for the things we want to manifest in our lives in the new solar cycle ahead. This is the still point of the year. We will mark it with yoga, herb lore, health care, and activities such as meditations and a releasing ritual –Read more

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