Member Event - Viewing Your Life as Story: Discover the Beauty of You. A Weekend Retreat with Laurie Berry Clifford @ Well Being Retreat Center | Tazewell | Tennessee | United States
3:00 pm
About the Workshop This storytelling workshop is small and intimate. Laurie has only one requirement of you as you begin: Leave your search for human perfection at the door and dive into your story just as it is. She moves through this weekend workshop with you by helping you experience your perfectly imperfect human story from its progressive ages and stages. You tell it to yourself and others almost as if you are reading it from a novel. First you explore the little girl, then the young woman, and finally your current version of yourself. Perks? You experience the tendernessRead more
Jun 28 @ 6:30 pm
A Comparison of Popular Nutrition Plans: Panel Presentation @ Rarity Bay Community Center | Vonore | Tennessee | United States
6:30 pm
Don’t miss our outstanding panel of experts sharing these popular nutritional and lifestyle plans. Choose a plan that resonates with you! Learn how to cook & eat for vitality and longevity using: the Whole Food Plant-Based Diet – “Culinary Medicine” the “Eat Right 4 Your Type” – Blood Type Test Kit the Bible Diet the Paleo and the Mediterranean Plan Plus Enjoy! Plant based delicacies and recipes – Debbie Agee Herbal teas for optimum health – Diane Minch Door Prizes: ”Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” book donated by Doris Fisk, and “The Bible Diet” book donated by Dr. MaysRead more
Member Event - Transformation Though Everyday Hypnosis. Discover the Power in You: A Weekend Retreat with Laurie Berry Clifford @ Well Being Retreat Center | Tazewell | Tennessee | United States
3:00 pm
Hypnosis is a skill you’ve always had. Many of you just haven’t known it. Step back and return to your natural state. Realize the powers of hypnosis that are your birthright. Learn how to activate them for your own well-being and that of those your love. Transform your interactions with others by gaining a greater understanding of how human beings are constructed. Most of us have never fully understood how wonderfully we are made. Most of us are too busy doubting ourselves and/or putting on a false bravado to see what’s actually true. We already have the power inside ourselvesRead more
Jul 29 @ 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Member Event - Wheel of the Year – Lughnasadh: The First Harvest @ Windhorse Center | Tellico Plains | Tennessee | United States
1:00 pm
Dear Windhorse Shamanism and Wheel of the Year Circles ~ Here are a list of dates to mark on your calendars (and jiggle your memories) of upcoming classes. All classes are at Windhorse, all are on Saturdays, all are from 1:00 – 4:30 PM, and all are $45 in advance/ $50 at the door (except for the Wheel of the Year sessions which are $15.) June 3rd Shamanism for Personal Growth/ Removing the Masks June 24th Wheel of the Year – Midsummer: The Crown of Life July 29th Wheel of the Year – Lughnasadh: The First Harvest August 12th ShamanismRead more

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