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Tai Chi “Bill of Rights”

Tai Chi “Bill of Rights”

Taijiquan is a mind-body movement art with a distinctive cultural history and certain widely touted benefits. As there is no accreditation or certification process for teachers, anyone can claim to be a taijiquan teacher: one who has learned from a video tape, taken a single course or weekend workshop, or even devised their own form. Prospective students have no protection from charlatans, no guarantee that the teacher they find is teaching authentic taijiquan or that they will garner the promised benefits. We created this document to advise students of the things they have a right to expect from any legitimateRead more

Incentives for YOU to Spread the News

Incentives for YOU to Spread the News

What would motivate you to share the news about CHEO?
Compassion? Financial incentives? Recognition? Promoting CHEO’s mission?

Financial and Recognition Incentives:
When you introduce 3 people to CHEO and they become members you will have a choice of:

  1. Getting a free Supporting Membership for 1 year,
  2. Upgrading from a Practitioner level membership to a Premium Practitioner level membership.
  3. Getting special recognition for 2 months at programs, in newsletters, social media and the web.

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By-Law Revisions

By-Law Revisions: There are three (3) By-Law Revisions. One (1) regarding the maximum number serving on the Board of Directors. Two (2) regarding what determines the simple majority of votes at the Annual Meeting. Three (3) regarding conflicting statements on electing the Nomination Committee. By-Law revision (1) Section 2.2  Composition of Board of Directors              current: The number of the Board of Directors shall be at least six (6) and no more than twelve (12).              proposed: The number of the Board of Directors shall be at least six (6) and noRead more

Slate of CHEO Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Current Board of Directors who continue to serve in 2016 are: Steve Barbour, Steven Kerr, Jim Lumpkins, Kathy McMillin, Diane Minch, Rita Richesin, and Nancy Wart Slate of Nominees to serve a two year term beginning on January 1, 2016 are: Vote up to five (5) nominees Rose Koziara: Rose is a past president of CHEO and wants to continue to serve on the Board of Directors. In her profession as a registered nurse she has worked in the behavioral health and hospice areas. She is also a Healing Touch practitioner.  Teaching is her passion and is always looking forRead more

Member Invitation to Annual Meeting or VOTE today

Each year in October, CHEO plans a special program of interest to all.(see below for time, location and description). It coincides with a brief annual meeting in which all members are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be served and there will be time to socialize. At the Sunday, October 4th Annual Meeting we will: > Elect five (5) nominees to the Board of Directors > Elect four (4) for the Nomination Committee > Vote on revisions to CHEO’s By-Laws > Hear brief reports, membership incentives, and recognition’s We invite you to attend this special event and your CHEO membership entitles you toRead more