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Reclaiming Your Sensual Self - Retreat for Women
November 9, 2018
Lake Norris, Lafollette, TN
Let go of the sensual you once were and the sensual you think you should be and find out exactly what feeds your senses, desires, and needs now. Whether you're starting your sensual journey, at a new or different phase of your life, trying to connect to something lost, or just want to know your sensual self more, this retreat is for you. We'll be connecting through dance, writing, community sharing, yoga, and more.
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Thanks And Gratitude: Tuning Into The Season And Beyond With Herbal Allies
November 12, 2018
South College
Join us for a discussion about the herbal allies that can help us open to giving thanks in all areas of our lives.
We’ll touch on some herbs to cook with, herbs to drink in teas and herbs that help us release stress and overwhelm so we may build our own presence and gratitude practice.
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Is Your Home Your BFF Or Your Worst Enemy
November 28, 2018
Rarity Bay Community Association
Your home should be working for you, instead of against you. A home that is your best friend gives you good feedback about your life and encourages you to do better and set healthy goals for yourself. A home that is working against you, on the other hand, holds you back and keeps your stuck!
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Create Your Holiday Self-Care Kit!
December 2, 2018
Dr. Kate Flynn
Flow through this holiday season with peace in your heart, a joyful pout, and a cool under pressure persona by pampering yourself first!
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