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#1 Nancy Wart 2012-01-01 10:24
My whole life has been enriched, my knowledge base on health options expanded, and business opportunities have opened up all because of CHEO of Greater Knoxville Area. Every single CHEO program I have attended has fed my passion for health and wholeness, and some programs peeked my curiosity enough to research the topic, buy a product, try a modality, or sign up for a workshop. The most valuable thing about participating fully in CHEO is engaging with like-minded friends and business partners. The networking opportunity is second to none. And being able to connect people with various alternative approaches to health supports my personal goal of bringing more health to all. I was honored to speak with other experts on a panel discussing various aspects and options for quality drinking water. CHEO offered the best platform for getting my message and information out to the world.

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