Carrie Wagner

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now live with one orange cat in Knoxville, Tennessee. I enjoy golf, watching and preferably attending, Lady Vol’s games, hosting parties and educating myself on anything that has to do with holistic/energy healing. I love to share the knowledge I have about living a long and healthy life.

Carrie Wagner, M.Ed., RCR, CCTTI started doing Reflexology for a friend in 1981 and decided to get certified and open a practice. Since 1995 I have been a Registered Certified Reflexologist and owner of Knoxville Reflexology Group, Inc. I am now pursuing a Ph. D in Holistic Nutrition from the University of Natural Medicine/University of Tennessee. I hold an M. Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota and a B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. These qualifications coupled with 21 years of clinical experience make me uniquely able to offer safe and effective face, foot and hand therapeutic reflexology. You must know anatomy and physiology, and some nutrition to be able to properly assess what is going on with reflexes in the face, feet and hands. A dream come true for me would be traveling around the world teaching and writing books, and having many clinics in other cities that I love to travel to.

At Knoxville Reflexology we identify the probable cause of the client’s concern and help educate them on a customized protocol that brings their body into homeostasis easily. I tell people when they walk into my office, ‘whatever you have… it is subject to change!’ We focus on pain relief and detoxification. The services we offer: Face/Foot/Hand Therapeutic Reflexology, Thermography, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, Functional Blood Nutritional Analysis with Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing, Cold Laser Therapy, Detoxification Protocols, Emotional Release Techniques, Essential Oils, Functional Endocrinology, Hand Reflexology, Homeopathy, Korean Hand Therapy, Therapy and Training for humans and equine, and Auricular Therapy.

The most inspirational story I have is with my own father who had stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. He responded well to foot reflexology and all of the detox protocols that I knew back in 2005. He lived two years longer than the doctors had said he would. This is why I am so compassionate for people with cancer and degenerative diseases. I know that the protocols that we use really work effectively for people with any stage of illness. In 2011, by using all the therapies and protocols on myself, I survived a traumatic brain injury and was able to successfully continue the practice even during my two-year recovery. I am very grateful for that.

In my opinion, everyone needs to have a Wellness Evaluation including Thermography with Therapeutic Reflexology to determine their level of health. From there, a protocol can be devised to assist them with their health challenges. There also needs to be much more education in nutrition and detoxification if people want to live disease and pain free.

Carrie Wagner

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  • June 10, 2017 at 12:50 pm


    I am looking for help regarding vaccinations, specifically the meningitis vaccines. After doing some research at home, I have seen that a natural approach could be safest and most beneficial. I also wanted to know the real risks of the meningitis vaccines (Menactra and Trumenba). However, I would like to speak to someone who has experience and expertise on the topic of vaccines in comparison to a naturopathic approach (homeoprophylaxis or otherwise). Do you or your colleagues have any advice on these topics?
    Thank you!

    • October 21, 2017 at 11:25 pm

      There is an APEX Energetics protocol that we recommend in our clinic which is homeopathic sprays/drops that are safe for children, pregnant mothers and the elderly to de-sensitize anyone who has taken any vaccinations. The list of vaccinations are on the bottles. It is a short series and runs around $110 for 1-6 of them and you only take the ones you need. Some I have in stock, some I can order. But I have all of the vials to muscle test to see if you or your child needs.
      Call my office Knoxville Reflexology Group Inc. 222 S. Peters Road 37923. 865-588-1911.
      Carrie Wagner, M. Ed./PhD student/RCR, CCTT


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