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My name is Florence Paquet (Flo), owner of Grow With Flo Counseling and Doula Services… and I am all about empowerment!

In my years of doing social work, of being passionate about holistic wellbeing personally and professionally, I know seeking treatment is exhausting, time consuming, cold, disenfranchising, expensive, and can carry a sense of personal and cultural stigma - like there’s something wrong. So, I have been passionate about finding solutions that are practical and efficient, using tools clients can learn for themselves, and techniques that are active, engaging and client lead. I’m incredibly soulful in what I do - I honor that this work is deep, vulnerable, and challenging in a way that many of us aren’t used to or may be uncomfortable with. I want everyone to know they can unleash their full and unique selves, free from mental muck - limiting beliefs, fearful and analytical concerns, all the shoulds, trauma and patterns that no longer serve.

My holistic approach all began when I was a little girl struggling with eczema and nervousness. My father, a scientist and teacher, had a lot of background in chemistry and was always very wary of medicine, especially for children. So, when it came to both conditions he took a holistic approach - meditation, skin products and detergents with clean ingredients, healthy diet and exercise. It worked. It was empowering to have my own tools, to not have to rely on medications and doctors.

Additionally, I’ve always been a sensitive big-hearted girl who was fascinated by psychology, so studying social work - a perspective that takes a very practical and holistic approach - felt so natural, like my calling. I took a roundabout way back to this original passion. Doing the case management side of social work, I burned out and went into indirect nonprofit work for a while. However, I was still always learning more and more about mental, emotional, and social wellbeing and techniques to empower individuals’ holistic wellbeing. I yearned for the deep one on one work. So, I took the plunge, started my own business, and feel so in alignment with my passion and expertise.

Through Grow With Flo Counseling and Doula Services, I offer one on one counseling sessions as well as groups. I use a cutting-edge methodology that is very effective, practical and empowering to clients called Acceptance and Integration Training. However, I occasionally will use other tools: client guided card readings - to get in touch with your own intuition - and reiki. I am also a doula who specializes in working with birth and childhood trauma. Stress and mental health have a huge impact on the developing fetus, birth outcomes and postpartum attachment and thus long-term effects so I am passionate about empowering mental wellbeing during such an important time.

My services are empowering, efficient and soulful. Every single one of my sessions is an accomplishment to me - it is always beautiful and profound. It feels even better knowing that I only facilitate, that truly the client is directing and taking charge in healing on a deep level.

And one of the most remarkable ways they find healing is through acceptance. The principle from the counseling method I use that states, “Acceptance is both a means and a measure of wellbeing.” This simple perspective shift is a subtle lifelong practice that has had revolutionary effects long term. When you can accept yourself good bad and ugly, that acceptance blossoms to include the people and life around you. Compulsive reactions become chosen responses, mountains become mole hills, challenges become opportunities, and you settle into this foundation of ease, gratitude, and warmth.

While I am so new at this still, it is juicy to imagine where I see things down the road for myself! I hope five years from now to only have about 8 doula clients a year so I can provide deeper support. Working one on one, but also having affordable groups that create a healing community. I hope to have a community healing herb garden at that point and host social events that create that sense of authentic connection and support - workshops as well as potlucks and parties! Overall, I hope to be a sort of neighborhood healer.

Beyond just seeing my business and services evolve, I’d like to see us ALL hold hands between western and eastern approaches, medical, traditional and alternative. Like many things in our time, there is much polarization and we are deep in our trenches. Folks in each camp have hurt or been hurt and now we are blindingly defensive. I’d like to see the healing community, in all it fields and perspectives, have open and respectful conversations and forums. There is so much value and wisdom, that if united, would provide the deepest service to the public. As it stands, we have people on the alternative side ignoring scientific research - which undermines their own professionalism and the work that is alternative and backed up by science - relegated to the “woo woo” umbrella. Then we have western medical approaches not making, supporting, or exploring the connection between mental/social/emotional/spiritual wellbeing and physical health which undermines the power of their tools as well.

But despite still needing those changes to occur, you, the patient can still do so much to empower yourself! For example, I encourage you to examine what actually has worked for you. It is in the word holistic - incorporate many aspects and perspectives including social, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual; western and eastern. This broad approach doesn’t have to be complex though. Sleep, diet, exercise, laughter, and hobbies that are active outlets are universal for healing ailments of any kind. Not only are these the most effective healing tools, they are simple and in your hands.

And when it comes to hobbies and a lifestyle that make you happy, I myself have so many things that bring me joy outside of working with my clients!

I love to ride my bike, scooter around town, dance, sing karaoke, swim in the quarry and share heart to hearts with my friends. Creative projects are always on my mind like drawing, cooking and making music - I play fiddle. Any time I am learning something I am very happy.

Since I am newer to the CHEO community, a few more fun facts to know about me are that I have one kitty - Shiva - she came to me needing respite from her original home, it was a love connection so she’s staying. I’m single, ready to mingle, and don’t have kids.

I also love the mountains, music, people and laid-back friendly culture of East TN. It’s why I moved here from a tiny town in middle TN 10 years ago for school and haven’t look back since!

To contact Flo for more information, please call her at 615-480-3490 or send a message to


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