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140 North Forest Park Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919, US
140 North Forest Park Boulevard Knoxville Tennessee 37919 US

What is the Alexander Technique?

Taught worldwide for more than 100 years, the Alexander Technique is a practical method for moving with more balance and ease, and for having dynamically supportive posture. This increased support can improve comfort and performance in all activities, from walking, to talking, to driving, to working at a computer.

You may be surprised how effortless “good posture” can be, and how pleasurable it feels to be more at ease in your own body.

Who Studies the Alexander Technique and Why?

Most students initially seek help for physical reason, such as posture, back pain, neck tension, carpal tunnel pain, or breathing and anxiety issues.

Many performers and professional speakers use it to improve their craft or to deal with performance anxiety.

Nearly all students discover surprising benefits that reach beyond their initial reasons for study. Since our body, mind, and emotions are inseparable, the benefits aren’t just physical. Students have reported diverse benefits such as less stress, more restful sleep, improved digestion, less reactivity to frustrations, less anxiety, and increased confidence.

 What are some of the benefits?

~  More supportive and balanced posture
~  Release excess tension that may cause back pain, neck pain, &
shoulder pain

~  Being more flexible in your body, and more flexible in your
responses to life

~  Increased resilience
~  Freer breathing
~  Being more present

Lilly has a Master’s Degree in Education and she is certified to teach through Alexander Technique International. In addition to teaching individuals at her private studio, Lilly teaches master classes at the University of Tennessee and she also teaches in the Non-Credit Program.

With her kind, light-hearted, and practical approach, Lilly enjoys helping students of all ages and backgrounds.

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