Rev. Becky Rhines - Circle of Light Healing Ministry

170 Willingham Drive, Lenoir City, Tennessee 37771, US
170 Willingham Drive Lenoir City Tennessee 37771 US

Rev. Becky works with energy for healing and health. She teaches spiritual concepts, guides meditations and instructs Level 1-3 Qigong. She also provides hypnosis services and intuitive readings.

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Julie S. Massey, Certified Health Education Specialist educates, motivates and supports people to create their own personal healthy lifestyle by raising awareness about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual spiritual aspects of health.


We will guide you on a path toward good health through diet, lifestyle, and spiritual change. All is well.


Committed to improve lives through technologies that are in harmony with nature.

Pure Air, Pure Wash, Pure Heat, Pure Water for Plumbing, Hydrogen-rich Alkaline Water for Drinking, Extreme pH waters for cleaning and sterilizing.


Teacher of Healing Touch Program classes: Levels 1 thru 5.
A helping hand in time of need.

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