Lisa Gontarski - Angel Essence Energy Healing

20 Palisades Parkway, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830, US
20 Palisades Parkway Oak Ridge Tennessee 37830 US

Lisa practices Angel-essence energy healing in Knoxville, TN.  She loves to work with both individuals, and groups. She has been doing energy work with clients for over a decade.  The energy work that she practices is gentle, relaxing, yet is deep and restorative, and healing.  She works with people in the moment to clear past traumas, open up healing, in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  Lisa has found that each soul has its own agenda for healing, its own method, and its own timing.   She loves working with human beings, and with our domestic and wild animal friends.   Keywords:  Chakra healing, opening the root chakra, spirit guides, trauma release (physical and emotional), restoration and relaxation, animal communication and healing.


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