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6920 Lark Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919, US
6920 Lark Lane Knoxville Tennessee 37919 US

I provide a Feng Shui audit for a home or business. This includes an on-site visit to map the energies available for a building coming from the land, pin-pointing which energies are life affirming and which need adjustments, or simply which areas should be avoided altogether. A full written report is produced that includes a site plan with suggestions for improving the landscape, a floor plan, including notations on the plan as to remedies/enhancements for each of nine sector directions, and a full written report covering the basic energies available and suggested remedies.

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We work to address the cause of disease through the 5 essentials of Maximized Living.
Maximized mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Nutrients, Maximizing Exercise, Minimizing toxins

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Experience the Alexander Technique to become aware of body stressors and restore health and well-being

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Rev. Salma Light Al Alami, medical assistant, B.A. (history, philosophy of religions) was catapulted into a lifetime of profound transformations with a near death experience at age 14 .


Today’s Dentistry for Tomorrow’s Smiles – comprehensive care for all aspects of your smile, focusing on results that are both healthy and beautiful.

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