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My name is Molly Miketo, a Cleveland, Ohio native and I work with the Akashic Records in my new business InFullSight. While I have been working with the Records for about four years, I am excited to now be doing this full-time here in Knoxville. I am proudly taking this leap to start my own business because I know it is time and I know it will provide, however it may look or whatever it may require!

Yes, I truly can find, see, and believe a silver lining in Everything. It can be mildly annoying for friends and family, but I can’t help it! Beauty and love are everywhere – we just have to allow them to show up.

So, maybe you have heard about the Akashic Records or maybe not. Once upon a time, I didn‘t know much about them either!

First, the Akashic Records are an energetic vibration that record every thought, word, action, and deed for all things for all time. Through a sacred process, anyone can access their Records. Most people don’t know of them, or spend time with developing their intuition, to realize this! The Records are unconditional love and know your Soul best. They are here to assist us navigate this life, answering any question we may have, and guiding us to our Authentic Self.

They are part of the ether of the Universe and align with every and all religious beliefs.

Incredible, right?!

I can thank my mother‘s friend, who was learning about the Akashic Records, for sharing about them with us. Once she opened my Records and we had a session, I knew this was home… there were few doubts when I worked with them (and I’ve historically been a doubter!) After having someone access my Records for a handful of years, I heard it was time for me to access mine, and then others. It kind of slowly evolved and when the turn was meant to be made, they made sure I saw the signs. Transitioning to working with them was much more natural than I had thought, as they are very much a part of my every day.

My cat Rushmore, whom I love to death and is my protector, is also a part of my every day. Beyond being with Rushmore, there are a lot of activities I love. I love the beauty of classical music, the energy and passion of live plays, the mastery of live music, the reflection of nature, the warmth of gathering with friends and a good meal. I like connecting with people and also creating environments where people can connect, share, and laugh. I like laughing – it’s fun!

But there is something truly remarkable about spending my days working with the Akashic Records. When working with the Records, I am in the energy field of the Records we are accessing. So if I access your personal Records, I am in your energy field … I can feel what you feel, where you feel it, etc. I have really just started feeling about 3 – 4 years ago, living most of my life from the head up. The Records (and some lovely heart family members) helped to show me the benefits of living in my body, heart, and mind. We are, after all, human. We want to feel and experience all human things. Sometimes when I do personal consults, I can feel true, unconditional love. It brings me to tears every time. It is strong, consistent, whole, warm, and all-encompassing. The few times I have had the experience of feeling it is when people are inquiring about loved ones or wanting to understand past life experiences. It is amazing. It shows me the power of unconditional love and my desire for all to know it. Truly words cannot describe it fully; know that the vibration of unconditional love is a mighty one!

I will leave you with this.

The Akashic Records work! Be open, try one or two or five and see what happens. we are worthy of being loved and healthy, and only we can achieve these states.

Contact Molly at 440-668-1931 or email her for more information.

Molly Miketo

3 thoughts on “Molly Miketo

  • January 5, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    So much love flowing through!
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing life path!
    May 2018 Be Abundant with Joy and love!

  • January 6, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    Great article about the Records, Molly! I particularly liked this sentence: “They are part of the ether of the Universe and align with every and all religious beliefs.” because you packed so much information into such a short and simple statement! I’ll look forward to reading more from you.

  • January 7, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Oh Molly! I just want to stand up and shout to the heavens! What you are saying touches my inner self which responds in love and thankfulness for the affirmation!


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