Recent Comments from Ask the Holistic Doctor: An Open Forum

Ask the Holistic Doctor: Open ForumHere are a few comments from a recent CHEO Sponsored meeting, Ask the Holistic Doctor: An Open Forum

“I have enjoyed and learned from all CHEO programs, buth one was in a ceategory of its own. WOW! What a panel of experts!”

“I could have listened to this panel for hours. AMAZING! They were vere knowledgeable and CONGRUENT!. They agreed often which gave me confidence.”

“This whole evening was most informative. All of the doctors were excellent. Thank You!”

“Let’s have more interactive programs like this.”

“Very informative – too many ideas to list here. Wonderful!”
“Please repeat the program at the Knoxville location.”

Listed below are some of the topics and key highlights from the Q and A.

* Important supplements to take & suggested amounts.
* Vitamin C/ Liposomal Vitamin C/ IV Vitamin C for infections
* Vitamin D – Blood levels above 50 for better health
* Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Detox and Heart Health
* Ozone Therapy
* Obesity is Malnutrition
* What to Eat – What to Avoid
* Detriments of Sugar Consumption
* Valuable Thyroid Information
* Stryfoam coffee cups and containers for leftovers are TOXIC
* Everyone’s Blood Chemistry is Different
* Vaccines are not recommended
* Shingles Vaccine is very problematic

Recent Comments from Ask the Holistic Doctor: An Open Forum

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