August 2012 Member Spotlight

Sarah Reagan HD(Rhom), CHHP
Registered Homeopath,
Certified Holistic Health Professional

Biodynamic Healing Center
3600 Woodlawn School Road
Knoxville, TN 37920

A major “crash and burn” type event over 20 years ago turned my own nutritional lifestyle around, and I began in earnest about 15 years ago informally studying in the natural health field.  When we moved to the small farm we have now, I plunged into growing organic produce, sold to local restaurants and the food co-op for a few years (until my back said “enough”!).  This led to formal studies leading to an advanced diploma in homeopathy and a doctorate in veterinary naturopathy.  I originally started in the natural health field with regard to humans, but my childhood desire to work with animals kept popping up and when I found the veterinary naturopathy program, I jumped on it. 

While I work with small animals, my heart’s desire has been working with horses.  I will begin formal studies soon that will afford me the “credentials” I need to work within the equine ethology and ecology science communities.  I am currently writing an equine course series for the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN), and hopefully the basic nutrition course will be on their website this fall.  The small animal and (soon to be) equine courses at ACAN are beginning to get the attention of conventional veterinarians who want to learn more about safe, holistic options for treating animals.  It is my hope that this interest will grow as more and more of our four-legged friends are plagued by illness that conventional medicine simply cannot resolve.  We need ethical science supporting us, and this is the path I have chosen for the remainder of my life…as frustrating as it may get at times!

Primarily, my consultation services focus in the realm of nutrition and lifestyle (management and care) for both small animals and horses.  I am also very happy to work with you and your vet with regard to holistic treatment options that include homeopathy, TCM herbals (for horses), anti-toxicology (HEEL products) and essential oils (Young Living) within a specific protocol designed for your animal’s particular condition(s).

For the past 15 years, Willow Oak Farm in southeast Knox County has been the home I share with my horses, cats, husband and mother (who is turning 92 this month and still very active!).  Having grown up in Tampa, Fla, I moved to the east Tennessee area in 1976, so I really don’t consider any other place “home” now!



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